Chattanooga's GIGTANK: Why this matters


You’ve heard the hype surrounding our town and its technological advantage.  We are home to a 600 square mile gigabit grid capable of delivering 1000 Mbps, up and down, to every man, woman, and child in this city.


That being said, this advanced infrastructure isn’t a competitive advantage in and of itself.  It is only as advantageous as we make it, based on how we use the network.

Fortunately, we’ve already got our nose to the grindstone:

GIGTANK is a Chattanooga based tech incubator that allows businesses to pilot their concepts on a living city-wide gigabit grid. Now in its second year, GIGTANK is starting to successfully spin out businesses that are taking advantage of our infrastructure.

Why does it matter that GIGTANK exists?

Because this is the wild west of technological advancement.  No one actually knows what the best uses of large scale gigabit connectivity are.  It is easy to speculate that healthcare or entertainment will be drastically affected by increased bandwidth, it remains speculation until someone actually takes a gigabit application to market.

The lack of a prescribed outcome for gigabit development is what is so exciting about being in this position.  We've got a massive asset, and no one is telling us exactly how we should use it.


Here are a few examples of  businesses being built in Chattanooga using a gigabit backbone:

Aircart - A retail solution enabling grocery shoppers to scan and checkout through their smartphone.

FwdHealth - Progressive Snapshot for the health industry.  Uses available API's to integrate popular wellness applications and trackers into one simple UI.

HutGrip - Aims to enhance product feedback and automate manufacturing processes / facility management for small to medium-sized businesses.

Mira - A tool to revolutionize window shopping by creating an interactive panel that allows retailers to dynamically modify product displays in real time.

Sisasa - A mobile application to help young adults reach their savings and financial goals. - A mobile education tool that makes it easy for anyone within an organization to publish training content for employees, customers, and partners.

WeCounsel - A HIPAA compliant, cloud based platform that connects mental health professionals to their clients and colleagues online.

You can come see GIGTANK businesses on full display during demo day on August 6th, 2013.  Request your invite here