Three Things to Consider about Penguin 2.0

We all know and have come to expect changes in Google’s search algorithms. From the past evolution of Panda and Penguin updates we know poor SEO tactics have moved many sites to the bottom of the food chain of zoo animals and are crippling businesses everywhere (enough so that we created a tool to help you out). So it’s no surprise when Matt Cutts, the chief webspam marshal at Google hinted at an upcoming Penguin 2.0 update in the next few weeks, the SEO world went into a panicked frenzy. panic-google-panic!

So with all this talk of the impending killer Penguin 2.0 attack should you be concerned? Maybe, and here’s why.

It’s Going to be a Big One

While Google’s process to updating algorithms is complicated it’s simple to understand that some updates (like those we experienced from Panda before it was integrated into the algorithm itself) tend to be refreshes that effect a small portion of SERP’s online. What Cutts is making very clear is that this one’s going to be a doozie and will go “deeper, with more impact than ever before”.

Link Building Will Continue to Get Harder

Brands of all sizes understand that good meta tags, site architecture and links are a must for getting on the playing field in SEO. It’s the quality links that make the difference. Google’s made it very clear that subject matter experts that drive quality, natural traffic to valuable areas on site will be rewarded.  It’s likely Penguin 2.0 is going to set the bar higher than ever on quality links, which we all know can be hard to get. Now it’s likely the difference in a quality link, an “ok” link, and a poor link is going to be very clear and make link building a lot harder for everyone.

There May Still Be Hope

The bright spot of all of this Penguin 2.0 apocalypse may well come in the form of recovery for some businesses. If you were penalized by the original Penguin update in April 2012 or the two smaller updates that followed (May and October), it’s likely you haven’t recovered.  With a large scale update like what’s being suggested, it’s possible your cleaned up back link profiles and hard work to repair the damage could be rewarded. Recovery may be a very real possibility.

Regardless, if you’re a business owner or webmaster this update should be taken very seriously. If not, then, the best of luck to you!