Meet the Future of Decision-Making

After months of research and toil, we have broken into the future—the future of decision-making. Delegator is proud to present true splendor and magic, interwoven with technology and logic, with more than a dash of beauty, in order to bring you the Magic Eight Ball.


What is This Sorcery?

This achievement doesn’t seem possible; many have attempted to unravel the complexity of this new-age device and digitalize it, and they have failed. We have gathered their collective experiences, dredging the darkest corners of the internet, innovating new ways to infuse magic into our machines, all in order to bring comfort and ease to your troubled mind. No more are the days of struggling to make excruciating decisions, mind-numbingly difficult or redundant. Embrace the power of the eight ball, and you will rule the world. The world of decision-making.

How Does it Work?

Delegator started out on this quest with vast dedication; we weren’t giving up until this mystery had been solved. An enormous undertaking, and one which vexed us with complex algorithms and riddles (really, how is a raven at ALL like a writing desk?), but our team has tirelessly dogged the old ways and myths for clues on how to even begin creating a magical ball of the eight. And we succeeded. Half-mad from the warped way in which we were forced to think, we wrestled the infinite code into a smaller confinement, and here we will present it to you.

Step One: Head to the Containment Unit

Step One

Step Two: Harness the Magic

Step Two

Step Three: Select Your Output and Ask

Step Three

Step Four: ????

Step Four

Step Five: Profit!

Step Five
Want to experience the magic, and unleash your decision-making possibilities with our powerful API? Navigate yourself to the main page, and allow the power to flow through you.