3 Advanced Segments You've Probably Never Used

So, it's been a while since we last talked about Advanced Segments in Google Analytics. Over the past 18 months, Google has added even more value and depth to their Analytics offering, enough to easily overwhelm your average user. Advanced Segments allow you to quickly compare certain groups of visitors against one another, and these segments can also be combined with custom reports and filtering for even greater in-depth analysis. Here are three segments we highly recommend that you can quickly add (and tweak) to get even more out of Analytics.

1. Visitors who Abandoned a Goal

Conversion rates are the bread and butter of what keeps an e-commerce business ticking. Though it heavily depends on the industry, the average conversion rate for e-commerce sites is around 2-3%, at best. Having said that, wouldn't you love to have better insight on your site visitors who DON'T convert? Having an advanced segment for visitors who start but do NOT finish a goal is invaluable. As illustrated below, this segment will allow you to track these visitors and try to narrow down the reason(s) why they dropped out of the funnel. Download it here. (Must Be Logged Into Google Account)

Advanced Segment - Abandoned A Goal

2. Separate Segments for AdWords Text Ads, PLAs, Remarketing & Display

With the recent addition of enhanced campaigns, it's clear that Google is varying the ways it allows advertisers to reach their target audience. That being said, if you have a large account that uses more than just basic text ads it's crucial to be able to see how they contrast with one another. If your account has PLAs, Display ads and Remarketing ads, why not have an Advanced Segment for each? This way, you can divide that traffic out and see how each is performing across ALL of the reports in Google Analytics. If your naming conventions are in proper order, this can be easily done by using our Advanced Segment (download it here - Note:Must Be Logged Into Google Account) and modifying it by using a simple "Include Campaign Containing" for "Remarketing", "Display", and "PLAs". Create one advanced segment for each of those. Then, for the text ads, you simply set a filter to "Exclude Campaigns Containing" those same three, separated by "AND" statements. If your AdWords account doesn't have each of these broken out into their own campaigns then you should definitely knock that out first.

Advanced Segment - AdWords Breakdown

3. Using the Service Provider Report for B2B Lead Gen

My last advanced segment comes straight from the LunaMetrics blog. I feel that this report has the potential to deliver a lot of value for B2B lead generation, as well as marketing agencies. With this advanced segment a large majority of the "legitimate" Internet Service Providers are filtered out so that when you go to the Network report under Audience > Technology > Network, you then should be able to scroll through this list and pick out companies that are large enough to show as their own "service provider". Just to show the proof of concept, our Chattanooga neighbor Smart Furniture shows up on our list. Feel free to tinker around with this segment to try and see what more it might offer. Download it here(Must Be Logged Into Google Account)

Advanced Segment - B2B Lead Generation