Set Up Analytics Alerts During Product Listing Ad Transition

Since Google Shopping completely falls under the umbrella of paid search as of October, some retailers are on edge about smoothly making this transition with little to no loss of product listing shoppers. This is especially important going into the holiday season when shoppers are clicking the mess out of those pretty pictures on their Google SERPs. Now that these campaigns are becoming staples for positive PPC ROI, you’ll absolutely need to know whenever any anomalies occur. This is where custom alerts come in. Inside Google Analytics, you can set up a custom alert specifically for product listing ad campaigns and ad groups to monitor any online metrics on your site through these sources. To make sure your traffic isn’t dropping off, we recommend you set up an alert for any day when visitors from these sources significantly drop compared to the same day of the previous week. This way, you won’t have to lose days of revenue simply because you weren’t aware of a glitch that threw off or limited the eligibility of product ads.

Product Listing Ad Custom Alert

There are numerous other alerts you might want to set up for product ads, so think of what you’ll need to know in order to monitor this traffic and its conversions. For example, some product landing pages from these ads might have high bounce rates. You’ll be able to monitor these with alerts as well and begin looking into optimizing those particular pages. Take a few minutes to strategize and set up as many of these alerts preemptively as you can before you have to find out about an issue too late.