Explore New AdWords Account Ideas To Expand Market Share

The secret to awesome AdWords account management (and the secret to maintaining any marketing web platform) rests on the truth that there is always room to grow or change. Sure, you check search terms, and of course you maintain competitive bids on valuable keywords. But what more are you doing that Google might not be reminding you to do?

While perusing a client’s website, I noticed a recurrence in keyword use for top product descriptions that we weren’t bidding on in the AdWords account. Curious, I performed keyword research on this term and related terms to find that we’ve been missing out on a decent amount of traffic. Since this particular keyword does not appear in any major categories or subcategories on the site, we never dug down this deep on the site in the initial account build. As an experiment, I built an ad group for these terms and a few weeks later it was pulling in upwards of 90% new visitors to the site, and it continues to expand the company’s audience today.

The biggest insight we’ve pulled here is that an account is truly never optimized. Don’t assume you’re reaching the entire market on your brand or products. If an account has been running for a while, take an hour to read over the site. Sometimes your market exists in the nooks and crannies.