How To: Automatically Publish Your Blog To Google+ Page

A few days back, Hootsuite announced the addition of Google+ support to their platform. Now, in addition to Facebook & Twitter, Hootsuite users can conveniently post to Google's widely loved, but rarely used social media network.


This is certainly handy, although not remarkable. However, with this new feature, Hootsuite has become a powerful tool for auto-posting blog posts, via an RSS feed, directly to Google+ (a feature many have desired for sometime). With the growing importance and weight of Google+ in the SEO/SEM world, it is more important than ever to populate your Google+ page with great content, especially from your website.

Here we will walk you though the steps for setting up the RSS-Google+ auto-importing:

  1. Connect your Hootsuite account to your Google+ page. This can be accomplished in a similar manner to the way you added Twitter & Facebook.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, choose 'Settings' and 'RSS/Atom'.
  3. Choose the '+' button at the topadding an rss feed to hootsuite
  4. In the 'Add RSS/Atom Feed' panel, you'll fill out the form with the appropriate information, including your RSS feed address, the profile you'd like to publish to (in this case, Google+, possibly amongst others), how often to check the feed (I would recommend the most frequent option), how many posts to send (most likely '1 post at a time'), and which URL shortener you prefer.streaming your blog to google+ automatically
  5. Once you have your settings in place, click 'Save' and you're all done. Now you can conveniently publish your blog posts to Google+, reaping the benefits with virtually no additional hassle.