How Many Keywords with a Limited Budget

Google AdWords is more than just a little overwhelming for businesses just starting to advertise on the Google Search network. When we begin with clients who are new to PPC, one question that is more difficult to explain is how keyword volume and match type per ad group should be built out given the allotted budget. I’ll approach this question here as though the client has a limited budget but moderately wide array of services or products to advertise. Limited BudgetFor a company with a smaller budget or a company just trying to test out the waters in PPC advertising, there are a few key factors to consider:

1. Build the Most Important Campaigns First

The issue you face with a limited budget is that it won’t spread but so far across all the campaigns you want to run without nullifying the value of some campaigns. By focusing the budget on the most important campaigns first, you’re more likely to see the full scope of impression share available to you and how well you can compete in your market.

2. Focus on Exact Match Keywords

With a small budget, broad and phrase match keywords are a bit of a budget gamble. It’s important to start by stocking your ad groups full of every medium-to-high traffic exact match keyword that you believe is most likely to drive conversions. From that foundation, branch out into some phrase and modified broad keywords that are most specific to your service or products so that the matched search query report can show you what people are searching for besides the exact keywords you’re bidding on.

3. Review Matched Search Queries

Limited budgets leave no room for wasted clicks. Check the matched search query report, which you can find both in AdWords and Analytics, at least a couple of times each week to see if there are any irrelevant keywords leading to clicks on your ads.

Essentially, a limited budget means a compact account. Once you carefully plan out your company goals and priorities, you’ll be well prepared to carefully choose the most relevant keywords for your business.