Facebook Announces Page Management Tools

This month, Facebook announced the activation of powerful tools that will allow you to better manage your professional pages. These features wipe out the necessity for third party applications to best control your pages. The two main feature additions include:

  • A scheduling function allowing administrators to preload posts into Facebook to be posted at a later time.
  • A new set of administration roles that give different levels of access to different users.


This feature is represented by a small clock located at the bottom left of your status screen.  After clicking on the clock, you can pick the exact year, month, day, hour, and minute that a post will be published on your timeline. If you select a date in the past, your post will immediately appear in the timeline.

It is important to note that scheduled posts are only allowed once every 10 minutes. The minimum time allowed before a post is published is 10 minutes.  Another important element to keep in mind is that a scheduled post may not be deleted once posted; it can only be delayed.

Administrative Roles:

This new feature to Facebook allows for managers to assign different levels of administrative access to different individuals.  The various management titles and their level of access are highlighted below: