New Facebook Timeline: 5 Things Your Business Must Pay Attention To

Facebook switched company pages to the newer timeline format on March 30th.  Chances are you aren’t jumping for joy. Although many users have expressed much disappointment over this non-optional transition, history has shown that the controversial changes made by Facebook to its interface end up being accepted by Facebook’s enthusiastic user base, and we think that this transition will be no different.

Here are 5 areas that you must pay attention to for your brand to thrive within the new timeline:

1. Cover Photo

  • This is the most visible and important part of your new brand profile.  This image will be the first thing that users see when they visit your site.  The sheer size and proportion of the page that your cover photo represents means that it will be a major contributor to users’ first impressions.

Red Bull Facebook Cover Photo


  • Use a high resolution image for your cover photo.  A pixelated cover photo is extremely unprofessional and detrimental to your brand.  Pictures taken with a smart phone will appear pixelated in this shot.
  • The ideal cover image shot will be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall.

2. Landing Tab (or lack thereof)

  • The most obvious change to typical business pages is the elimination of custom landing tabs.  Before, many businesses would set up their page so that new visitors had to click ‘like’ on a custom landing tab before they had access to the rest of that businesses’ content.  With the new format, your company’s timeline will be the default landing page, with no other options.


  • Tabs are now located towards the right of the profile, under the cover image, and look like small thumbnail photos. Get creative with these thumbnails! You can use any image you’d like for your tabs, and also can arrange them in any order.
  • The ideal tab image size will be 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels tall

3. ‘Pinning’ Important Content To The Top Of Your Timeline

  • Facebook has never been known for subtle inclusion of competitors’ features, and the ability to pin content to the top of your profile is another example of a trendy addition.  Playing off of the wildly popular Pinterest, Facebook now allows brands to pin featured content to the top of their timeline for seven days.Facebook Pin Image


4. Private Messaging

  • A new and welcomed addition to the Facebook timeline is the ability to send private messages with users.  This feature must be turned on in your page settings, and once that’s done, you may communicate with people who have liked your page. This feature makes it easier and more private to resolve conflicts with customers and users.  An interesting note is that you can ONLY respond to a message that has been sent to you.  You cannot initiate a private conversation.


  • If your business has the resources to respond quickly to all incoming inquiries, then enable this feature.  If your page is only being checked by an admin once in awhile, disable this feature as to not upset users that become impatient from a non-response.
  • Details on exactly how to enable this function can be found here

5. Milestones

  • With Facebook Milestones, you can add important events in your company’s history to your timeline.  This is an excellent way of better telling your story.  Please note that these milestones can date back to before Facebook even existed, so start from your ribbon cutting and add signature events that make your company special. Goodwill Milestone Example


  • Milestones are best relayed using multiple forms of media. Name your event and add a location, date, text description, and photo to best communicate these company milestones.

We hope everyone has a smooth transition.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!