Top New AdWords Features of 2012

It is no secret that AdWords is the cash cow of Google’s operation. Fortunately for businesses and firms involved with PPC advertising, that means a top priority for Google is to make sure that the AdWords system is efficient, powerful, and constantly improving. To keep you up to date, we’ve compiled the top 3 AdWords features added by Google in 2012:

1.  Enhanced Ad Sitelinks

Sitelinks are a useful extension available for AdWord accounts that gives your ad more visibility by providing additional link options. They look like this:

With Enhanced Sitelinks, Google combines the other ads in your account with your existing Sitelinks to create a much more attractive ad:

To be eligible, you must rank in the top 3 ad positions on Google search and your account must contain active ads that are closely related to the Sitelinks in your campaign.

2.  More Automated Rules and Ability to Undo Changes:

Google listened to feedback from their AdWords users that Automated Rules needed to be more flexible and robust, so they rolled out two improvements:

  • Increased Rule Limit to 100
  • Added ability to undo changes made by a rule

Automated rules is a feature that lets you save time by scheduling automatic changes to your account.  With the increased rule limit and ability to undo changes, you have much more control over your account and can run a more efficient operation.

3. Automated Rules Now in My Client Center

In keeping with the Automated Rules theme, another great feature added by Google is the ability to create automated rules and functions across multiple accounts.

This feature allows users managing multiple AdWords accounts to set automatic rules that affect some or all accounts simultaneously.  While there’s significant risk involved in setting up automatic action across multiple accounts, we can’t deny the potential for saving time that this feature may have for AdWords users.