A Look at Google AdWords' Call Metrics

Last Tuesday, Google announced Call Metrics would be rolled out to all AdWords advertisers.  If you're like us, you're always looking for better ways to track what's happening with your AdWords and Analytics data.  Google's Call Metrics provides a missing piece of the puzzle that allows advertisers to track when someone manually dials the phone number listed under an ad without clicking on it.

While Call Extensions data (visible from the Ad Extensions tab) can show you when someone clicks-to-call from a mobile device, Call Metrics tracks phone calls by "assigning and placing a toll-free forwarding number" next to your Google AdWords ads that forwards to the number of your choice.  Each of these manually-dialed calls cost $1 each, while clicks-to-call using Call Extensions relies on your bid.

To enable Call Metrics, you'll need to set up a new Call Extension and check the box to enable Call Metrics.  Once you've enabled Call Metrics for one or more of your campaigns, you can view the data from the Dimensions tab.  Make sure you've selected "Call Details" from the drop-down View menu.

As you can see from one of our accounts below, Call Metrics tracks the start time and end time of the call, status, duration and caller area code.  Based on your lead and sales tracking processes, advertisers now have the ability to attribute specific phone calls to an AdWords campaign in their account.  Being able to attribute these calls to AdWords will be valuable when trying to calculate the most accurate ROI for your ad spend.  For more information about Call Metrics and how to enable it on your current campaigns, read the AdWords help section for step-by-step instructions.