3 Things We've Learned From March Madness

The Final Four is approaching this weekend, which means it is time for another sports-related blog post. While we can’t get enough of March Madness here at Delegator - let’s just say office lunch breaks tend to last a little longer in March - we have picked up on a couple of lessons from the Tournament that we can apply to our own line of work.

1. Depth

To make a run in the NCAA tournament, you will need contributions from your starters and bench alike. Depth allows teams to survive and advance when their star player gets in foul trouble or doesn’t have the best shooting night.

Maybe Google AdWords is the bread and butter of your business. But what will you do when competition increases and you can’t squeeze the same ROI out of paid search? You’ll need to have a backup plan to drive that traffic and sales (a blog , email marketing, etc.)

2. Consistency

To get to the coveted Final Four, your team has to play at a high level and maintain it for two weeks. No one remembers the first weekend blowouts if they’re followed by a poor showing in the second weekend (sorry Duke fans).

Duke loses

Consistency for an online business means maintaining a steady stream of revenue from your site. Sure, you might see some big numbers around Christmas if you’re an ecommerce site, or around other sales and promotions. But the key to sustaining an online business is consistency. This means always staying visible, by periodically refreshing content on your site, updating your Facebook status, and tweeting, among other things.

3. Experience

With all due respect to Brad Stevens, the conventional wisdom is that experience matters in the NCAA Tournament. There are countless examples of veteran teams outshining talented, but young teams in the Big Dance. Does anyone think VCU makes their Cinderella run without starting 4 seniors and a junior?

Experience is important in e-marketing as it can help you to navigate the inevitable challenges you will face. In the e-marketplace, we face challenges all the time. After all, we are unavoidably reliant on search engines and social media platforms for a lot of our business, and having SEO experience allows us to adapt when Google or Facebook rolls out their latest change. Instead of panicking when this occurs, an experienced online marketing team will be able to analyze the change, assess how it will affect their business, and devise a strategy moving forward.