Get it Done: New Years Web Resolutions

New Years Confetti and Blowers

By this time of year, a lot of people have made out their New Years resolution lists. The end of the old year and the beginning of the new is a good time to re-commit to self improvement; out with the bad, in with the good, if you will. But it’s not just people who need to make these kinds of lists; businesses and websites need them too. Below are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for people, and our suggestions for how the same concepts can be applied to your website or your business.

1. Get Organized

Everyone wishes they were better organized. Whether that means cleaning out closets, doing the dishes regularly, or scheduling and keeping track of appointments, organization is essential to modern living.

When it comes to websites, organization is key to search engine optimization, a positive user experience, and a great-looking site. It’s also vital to keeping your business streamlined and efficient. With help from delegator, you can focus completely on your core competencies, and we can focus on the rest.

Google Analytics and an SEO site review will help you get organized.  Google Analytics lets you see who’s visiting your website, where they’re coming from, what they do while they’re there, and how long they stay. Everything is tracked and catalogued with precision and charted statistically. With Analytics you can set a goal, like a user seeing your site and subsequently contacting you, and then track it to see how well your site is accomplishing the goal. Delegator sets up Analytics the right way, and then manages and monitors the program, making suggestions and improving performance.

An SEO Site Review will give you a comprehensive look at every aspect of your website, complete with analysis over how you could improve it  (i.e., to boost your ranking in Google). This can include updating or creating meta tags, organizing your urls, and siloing your pages and content for optimum search engine rankings.

Get In Shape

2. Get in Shape

After Christmas and Thanksgiving, everyone is fighting the battle of the bulge, trying to get back in shape and looking the way they want to. Most websites need to undergo the same kind of transformation. Delegator knows how to redesign your website so that it runs smoothly, drives clicks and revenue, and puts the best possible face on your company. We can also help you get rid of unnecessary or unhelpful features - trim the fat, if you will.

3. More Quality Time

Many people pledge to spend more quality time in the coming year. That could mean time alone, time abroad, time with family, or simply a more focused and effective working life. With websites, quality takes on a slightly different meaning.

There are dozens of ways to make your site attractive to Google and to get lots of Internet eyeballs to look at it (AdWords, etc.). But unless the content on your site is useful and attractive, unless it serves a purpose and is high-quality, you can be sure that visitors won’t be spending any of their own quality time with you.

The most important thing, when it comes to SEO, is quality content. You need people to read it all the way through, to spend time on your site, and to help grow your brand. That’s why delegator employs professional writers and videographers to give you the best possible on-site content. Not just key-word rich, not just unique, and not just well-organized; high quality.

2011 Glasses for New Years

Another way to get more quality time with your business is to focus on what’s important, on what you’re good at, and to let us focus on the rest. Take care of core competencies, and when you get into areas where you’re not an expert, delegate to those who are.

4. Travel

So how on earth can a website travel?

At delegator, we not only expose your website to the rest of the country and the world, we do it on a budget! As one of the first AdWords experts in the Southeast, we have a track record of getting great results with low budgets, pushing sales and name recognition. No matter how big or small the account or the budget, we have the knowledge and the experience to get your company out there. With the ability to target local, national, and global searches, there’s no better way for your business to travel.

5. Track Your Goals and Stay Accountable.

New Years resolutions are all well and good, but you have to have a system to keep you accountable, and to track your various goals. That’s where delegator comes in. Not only will we manage and maintain the parts of your business that fall outside your arena, we use Analytics and periodic site reviews to make sure everything about your website is in tip top shape, meeting goals, and performing the way it should.

So whether it be getting you organized, looking great, expanding your reach, focusing on quality time, or being accountable to your goals, delegator can help you get it done.