3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Love Display Advertising

Who says Google AdWords is just about search? Sure it takes a search background to properly manage an AdWords account, but if you are ignoring the creative display opportunities with Google, then you are missing a large part of your market. There are plenty of reasons why advertising in general and the Display Network more specifically can be advantageous for your business or blog. Here are our top 3:

1. The Network

The size and reach of Google’s Display Network are unmatched by any other ad exchange. Google’s network serves 6 billion ad impressions each day on hundreds of thousands of websites. In fact, a recent study determined that the network reaches about 80% of all internet users globally.

Most companies will not have a global target market, but if you are trying to reach any audience, you’ll want to start with Google.

2. The Pricing

Display advertising has long been a part of most businesses’ marketing plans, but Google has done a great job of streamlining everything - and lowering costs in the process. Besides the vast network, the main feature that sets Google apart from the display norm is CPC bidding instead of a flat CPM. CPC, or cost-per-click, advertising means you pay only when a user clicks through to your website.The CPM standard is to pay per thousand impressions, or whenever your ad appears on a page.

This means you can gain free brand equity in the form of impressions. For example, say someone sees your ad, doesn’t click on it, and goes to your site later. This costs you nothing. AdWords even has a nifty metric called View-Through Conversions that captures the value added by these visitors.

3. The Tools

This is the icing on the top of Google’s Display cake. You can have all the market share in the world (or 80% in this case), but it won’t resonate with advertisers unless you give them the tools and the data to properly target their customers. Google comes through here with a host of tools including Site Exclusion, Demographic Targeting, and Display Ad Builder, that will guide you through the process of creating an ad and choosing proper (while excluding improper) placements.

And of course you'll have access to the entire suite of general AdWords tools and reports that can assist you with keyword research and experimental testing.

So if you're not advertising with Google yet, start. If you're search advertising, but haven't made the leap to display yet, now is your time.