The World Series of E-Commerce

Well, it’s October, and that means the baseball playoffs are at the forefront of many people’s minds. To pay homage to one of our favorite sports, we decided to create a hypothetical starting lineup of Delegator’s services.

Starting Lineup, Part I

Yes, it may seem like a stretch, but we’ve noticed some patterns in the course of our work that (loosely) resemble the starting nine in a baseball lineup. In this post, I’ll introduce the first half of our services lineup. If we ever make it to the World Series of E-Commerce, these would be our go-to players:

  1. Google Analytics
    • Any team needs a reliable leadoff hitter, and Google Analytics is the consummate leadoff service. It gets the ball rolling for everything else on your website. Without this crucial data collection in place, you will be formulating your marketing goals and objectives blindly. Google Analytics gives a sleek, user-friendly framework to tell you who is coming to your site, how they get there, and what they do once they are there.
  2. SEO (site review)
    • After Analytics is in place and collecting data, we like to proceed with our #2 hitter, an SEO review of the website. This background review will, like Analytics, give us the information we need to take action on a poorly optimized site. The process includes analysis of the site structure, design, and keyword optimization, among other things. And in line with a typical 2-hole hitter, it isn’t the flashiest service, but it lays an important foundation for the heavy hitters to deliver.
  3. Power Hitters

  4. Content Writing
    • Now we’re starting to get to the heart of the lineup. Content, written for search engines and site users, unique, and keyword-targeted, is a cornerstone of Delegator’s business and fit for the #3 spot on our card. You’ll want your third hitter to be versatile - able to hit the game-winning home run or just a sacrifice fly when necessary. SEO copy can create large gains in organic rankings and boost your traffic or just convince that one extra person to buy your product with a persuasive tagline or call-to-action.
  5. Google AdWords
    • Google AdWords, along with other pay-per-click advertising, finds its way into the Cleanup spot of the order. AdWords can drive the most immediate and targeted traffic and conversions to your website. To contend for a title in baseball, you need the power that comes with a cleanup bat (just ask the Mets). And to become a force in the online marketplace, it is imperative to be competitive in paid search. This just so happens to be a core Delegator service - we were the first company certified by Google in our state.
  6. Social Media
    • In the constantly morphing e-marketplace, social media engagement is becoming increasingly important as a supplement to the traditionally dominant search platform. In other words, you can’t score enough runs with SEO and AdWords alone. You need a #5 hitter (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) that can pick up a few runs here and there. A solid and diversified social media strategy can be the difference between an average team, and a championship contender.

Part II of this post will introduce the rest of our lineup and our pitching staff, so stay tuned. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the aforementioned services, you can always contact the blog or simply subscribe to our feed.