Putting RiverRocks & Chattanooga on the Map

RiverRocks Chattanooga is in RiverRocks Eventsfull swing this week with events happening all over Chattanooga and our surrounding area. RiverRocks, a fun and family-centered outdoor festival, celebrates the region’s natural resources, encourages an active and healthy lifestyle, and promotes environmental stewardship in Chattanooga. Events like mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, trail running, and rowing have been happening throughout this past week and will continue until the closing events on October 10th. Delegator is a proud partner of this worthy organization, and we’ve enjoyed working closely with RiverRocks over the past several months to see the first annual festival come to fruition.  When RiverRocks approached Delegator to help them create Google maps for their event sites, we were more than happy to help:

RiverRocks Custom Google Map

After all, Delegator is here to help other businesses get things done,  so they can focus on their core mission.  The terrain maps, like the one above, are featured on the RiverRocks site and are a helpful tool to participants of this week’s events.