Why AdWords? A Defense of Google’s Advertising Platform

“50% of our advertising works, we just don’t know which 50%”-David Ogilvy

As a PPC specialist and Google AdWords Professional, part of my job is to manage client accounts and generate revenue for them. An equally important part of my job, however, is to convince prospective PPC advertisers to become PPC advertisers (yes, this is in the hope that they will eventually decide to allow Delegator to manage their account).

Why should a business advertise on Google AdWords? To experienced search analysts and marketers, the answer may seem obvious, but to business owners in this economy, the value is not always so clear. There is a general lack of information about AdWords coupled with some harmful misinformation that leads to feelings of apathy or skepticism towards Google. So in my introductory post to this blog, I have taken it upon myself to sell the nonbelievers and the uninformed on AdWords.

Advertisers may vary widely by industry, budget, size, and business model, but one thing holds true: They will always want the most bang for their buck.

A car dealership wants to pay less for more leads. A plumber wants to pay less for more phone calls. A shoe store wants to pay less for more (and larger) sales. Advertising is about the bottom line, and this is where Google AdWords sets itself apart from other media. No other platform can provide the wide audience,  the relevance, or the ability to measure ROI (ROAS, see below) that Google does. Think of the opening quote of this post, from an advertising exec frustrated by the inability to measure his ads’ results.

Want to scale your business? The Google Network reaches 86% of all internet users worldwide. Target your brand to an area as large as the entire world or as small as a local ten-mile radius.

Worried about relevance? Search engines have often been called “the databases of intentions.” 91% of internet users use them to find information on a topic. When they search something related to your industry, they will find your competitors.  The only question is whether they will find you as well.

Concerned about where your money is going? Get regular reports from AdWords and Google Analytics that segment data to show your overall ROAS (return on ad spend). The information available in AdWords and Analytics makes an advertiser’s job that much easier. If you’ve spent $500 bidding on a keyword with no results, simply cut it out with one click. Analytics will give you final answers to those questions you always had when advertising in print, radio, or TV.

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I’ll be writing regularly in the coming weeks and months about AdWords, and more generally, pay-per-click advertising. AdWords is, after all, my business, and what kind of an advertiser am I if I can’t write persuasively about it? The truth is there are a lot of businesses who could benefit from AdWords that do not currently use it, and I hope to reach at least some of that audience with my posts.

If you can’t wait for more information, Google has a wealth of resources that will tell you more. You can also get a free consultation on your current account and its performance by leaving a little info with the blog. Otherwise, stay tuned. I look forward to sharing my AdWords knowledge and opinions with you.