Social Media: Rules of Engagement

While many businesses today have begun to embrace social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, many have yet to realize how they can best use these resources.  The primary focus of any social media campaign should not be sales-driven.  That’s right - I’m suggesting businesses focus first on engaging their audience or customer.

Listen to Your Audience

Engaging with your audience requires that you listen first to what they have to say.  Do you really know who your audience is?  Social media exposure, by its nature, can be broad and dynamic, with a bit of a “Six degrees from Kevin Bacon” element that can get you noticed in ways you never expected.  In any social media campaign you should focus on two groups of people:

  1. Your customers or potential customers - These are the people you already know well.  They buy products from you and use the services you’re offering.
  2. Influential players - A person in this group may never buy your product or personally use your service, but they can be a major player in placing your content and your brand in front of a large number of people that could fit into group #1.

To properly engage these two groups, all of your content needs to be focused toward them.

Engage Them

Now that you know whom you should be engaging with, it’s time to discuss how to engage your audience.  It’s important to have a conversation, and save the sales pitch for another day.  Your goal should be to develop personal connections and a dialog with your audience.  Interaction is key.

  • Ask open-ended questions that encourage comments and responses.
  • Respond to all comments promptly.
  • Monitor and moderate your social media accounts frequently.
  • Add creative content constantly.

Social Media

Listening to and engaging your customer sounds simple, and in some ways it is.  But getting all of this done takes time, attention and, often, creativity.  Here at Delegator, we help our social media clients get it done-- from setting up to managing social media marketing plans.  Whether you have an existing plan, or you’re new to the social media game, Delegator can help.