Selling out of Both Sides of Your Mouth: Consumers and Search Engines

“Create content primarily for your users, not search engines”

-Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Too often in recent years, SEO writing has been focused exclusively on search engines and search engines alone. People have tried strange tricks like pasting lists of keywords in white text on white background, hiding content, and even writing incoherent keyword-stuffed gibberish to get picked up by search engines.

In the end, it never works, for two reasons:

1) Google is smarter than you are. 2) Search engines aren’t the only ones reading your stuff; it has to be written for humans too.

Users and Search Engines

The biggest secret in the SEO world is that you have to write for users. It’s great to get on the first page of Google searches that feature your keywords, but if your site doesn’t drive clicks and conversions through relevant, accurate content, you might as well still be on the third page.

The best SEO writing is the kind where users never guess they’re reading something that’s been optimized. Where they never realize a certain word is coming up an awful lot - something like 3% of the time!

Google’s own documents make it clear that unique, creative, focused content is more important to their search engine than any other factor. Delegator is all about servicing both of your needs; the need to be creative, unique and useful, and the need to get ranked, get clicked on, and get paid. Our precision SEO work makes us a great option for getting your website where it needs to be, but it’s our clear, effective content that really sets us apart. Read more about our content writing services.