Delegator: Born of Business Necessity.

Delegator was born of necessity– for a growing business, and for the busy people who worked there. Delegator’s founders are hard-working people, with unusually high standards, and the proverbial challenge of “so much to do, so little time.”

Delegator is their solution.

The story begins with another company we started, Smart Furniture, Inc, which, like many growing companies, had more on its monthly to-do lists than it could get to. The lists included projects all over the map, including high priority items that demanded careful, competent, and accountable work– a rare combination. Projects included web design, search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, graphic design, A/B testing, web marketing (PPC) management, corporate platform/ERP selection and implementation, independent product reviews, skilled (and literate) content writing, all the way down to things like scanning/OCR and transcription, not to mention the personal to-do lists everybody was neglecting….

Like most companies, Smart Furniture had no excess budget for additional staff to handle these things.  Nor could it pay for costly (and often long-term) specialized agency work, or for the purgatorial disappointment of typical temp services. Smart Furniture’s time was scarce, and their standards seemed too high to outsource any of it, particularly within a tight budget. So these things got tabled, month after month.

To fix the problem, which we realized was not unique to Smart Furniture, we started Delegator.

Focus on Your Goals

Delegator’s mission is to help growing companies focus on their mission, and delegate the rest. We help companies get things done-- done right, on budget, and on time.

As for our team, both the market and the model require smart, resourceful, business-minded people with a strong sense of integrity and unusually high standards– the only kind of people that businesses like Smart Furniture would want to work with.

While we certainly rely heavily on technology, we’ve learned that regardless of whatever brilliant algorithmic alchemy a service company can come up with, the human factor remains an invaluable part of the equation.

As for results, we’ve delivered demonstrably positive results to clients ranging from 3-person shops to $150MM companies. We are particularly skilled, for example, in things like online ad campaign management (e.g., Adwords), search engine optimization (SEO), site analytics, and collateral web strategies– where indeed the human element of experience plays a pivotal role in the oft-neglected “art” of optimization.

And as for what drives us, as a team made of experienced entrepreneurs, there is nothing quite so rewarding as applying what we’ve learned to help growing companies succeed. We believe in small businesses, and their pivotal role in economic prosperity and innovation, and it is our mission to help them achieve their mission.

So, then, we are Delegator, and we are at your service. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.